Designer dupes on Amazon: Hermes edition

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I recently wrote a blogpost about designer-like items on Amazon. I’m always looking for good dupes, and scrolling for good Amazon finds has become my new hobby. It just so happens that I run into A LOT of Hermes lookalikes while shopping, enough to deserve its own blogpost! So here are the best Hermes Birkin & Kelly lookalikes on Amazon. I’ll start with the most/best reviewed ones:

1. Mini Birkie

This little cutie is not available as a real Hermès, but it should be! This purse is a smaller version of the famous Birkin bag and comes in six funky colors. It’s made of vegan leather and comes with a crossbody strap.


2. Accessorized Kel

This Kelly lookalike comes with all the fun extra’s like a twilly and keychain. This makes this bag extra classy and Hermès-like! The only thing that gives you away might be the black lines in the finishes, but overall this bag is a real good dupe – even the size is comparable to the real deal.


3. Simple but classic

This purse by the brand EVVE is a little bit more understated and doesn’t have the exact same measurements as a real Kelly. However if you’re looking for a classic and basic bag, this might be your match. The pebbled leather makes it look high quality and the eight available colors are simply stunning.


4. Vegan croc

This is one of the few Kelly dupes I’ve ever seen that has the beautiful croc look. It’s a little flashy and therefore not very Hermès like, but I guess Kelly’s can come in many different colors and styles. Interestingly, this also one of the few ones I’ve seen with the silver hardware details. The price is very likeable too!


5. Pretty pochette

I know this is a less popular model than the Kelly or the Birkin, but I wanted to include it never the less because it is such a good lookalike. From what I’ve heard, Levantine had good quality AND ethically made bags (they also have Kelly-like model which I included in this blogpost). This pochette is perfect for evenings and comes in six colors.


Please note: the links to the products are affiliate links, this means I get a small commission if you buy via this link. This does NOT influence the price you pay or my opinion on the product. So if you are going to buy this product anyway, please use this link and help a girl get $$! Thank you so much.

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