The explanation of the brand name

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I was very young when I started writing and blogging. And ever since high school, I remember having some sort of blog. First on Myspace, later on websites like Blogger and WordPress. I used to own blogs about my life, some fiction and I even used to run a (not so successful) blog about healthy food with my friend. However, this is the first time I own an actual domain name ( So you can imagine, I had to find a good name if I was finally going to pay for it and build my brand on it.

I have been using the name Coco Eleven as an online username on and off for about ten years now. I once came up with the name because I didn’t want to use my own name for privacy reasons. I also somehow wanted to integrate my birthday in it, since I’m a very proud november-child and scorpio (I understand that not everyone is a fan of defining their personality by the astrological moment you were born, however, I find that the scorpio attributes describe me to a T).

So, I found a match by using the first syllable of my name twice, and the month I was born in. It was only later that I realised that Coco actually is a (pretty nice) women’s name, and 11 is a highly spiritual number in numerology (which I’m not really educated in), and stands for sensitive and charismatic, cooperative and independent. Which once again in my life, describes perfectly what I was trying to get to by starting this website!

And so, Coco Eleven was born (again). She rose like a phoenix from the ashes of her past. And this time, she is doing it properly – using time and money to build a brand and put her whole heart and soul into it. I hope you enjoy my content!

xx Coco