You get what you ask for

Deep ✨

I am a firm believer of asking the universe for what you want. I have manifested many things by simply ‘throwing it out there’ or assuming that I’m somehow magically gonna get what I want. And I often tell other people that life is actually on our side. That you can get what you want, without much effort. The only thing is: you have to know what it means to ask.

Asking is not demanding

First of all, you have to realize that asking something from life is posing a question, not demanding a specific thing. You can’t be too focused on one outcome, and you have to be open to whatever answer comes your way.

Because with every question, there is a chance that you might not like the answer. But if you ask the universe, I have learned, you will always get an answer. If you demand, however, you will be left disappointed. And that’s because..

You don’t always know what’s best for you

Like I said, life is on your side. This doesn’t mean you always get what you want, because what you want might be bad for you. Think about wanting to be with the guy who is actually bad news – you might want it, but if you honestly ask the universe, chances are you’re not getting what you want because it’s not what best for you.

Do you know the saying: Rejection is actually God’s protection? Right. That’s why demanding doesn’t work, and you have to be open to whatever answer you get. And there’s another reason..

You might miss the magic

When you focus too much on one specific thing that you want, there’s a chance you might not recognize it when it’s right in front of you. When you ask for the perfect body or the perfect boyfriend, you might have a very clear but very wrong picture of what the best possible body or boyfriend looks like for you.

So the universe might actually answer your prayers and give you what you want, but you won’t see that it’s right in front of you because you’re still focused on a completely different picture. You’re looking for mr. Right with blonde hair, while the perfect guy for you (who coincidentally has black hair) has been asking you out for weeks. And that is why…

It takes wisdom

We often don’t realize that we got what we asked for, until we have become wiser versions of ourselves and look back on past time. We can only see in hindsight that what we wanted was right there for all this time. Because we need wisdom to see and appreciate what life has in store for us. Opening our hearts to the fact that life is on our side, will open your eyes to see that it always, always gives us what our hearts ask for. 

And even though this means that you don’t always get the specific thing you demand, this does mean that you can trust life with your questions – and that they will be answered in the best possible way.

xx Coco

Who is it that is aware of me thinking?

Deep ✨

Sometimes, I just have to write about what inspires me. I don’t really know where this post is going, but something inside me wants to be let out. So here we go. I am going to write about something I somehow need the world to hear. And I don’t know why.

But last week, I stumbled upon this video:

I have seen these types of videos before. They’re thought-provoking, mind-shifting, or just give you a new mindset on a certain topic. I love this type of videos. I don’t always believe what it said, and not all of them hit me the way this one did.

I initially clicked on it because to be honest, I liked the length of the video, as it is only four minutes and not a full documentary. The title also made me curious – why is death an illusion?

After watching it, I realised that I did not get a full or good answer on the question in the title. But I did gain something else. I was curious about the question asked by Jim Carrey, that opened up the whole universe for him: Who is it that is aware of me thinking?

I don’t have an answer to this question. I find it very hard to wrap my head around the possibility of it just being my brain (or conscious) as well, or if it really has to be something else. But then the video, in the voice of Alan Watts, says: the voice that says you are not it, is also it. [..] And when you find that out, you laugh yourself silly.

And that laugh, I recognised. I have laughed myself silly for realising the true anatomy of life and the universe (and my own play within it) before. And I guess that is the reason why this video, today, still stays with me.

About the ‘who’ that is aware of me thinking: it triggered an image of the seven chakra’s for me. It especially made me think of the seventh chakra – the one above your head. And I thought of Matias de Stefano explaining his memory of the seven laws of the universe. He explains that these laws are actually only one law that is split in seven dimensions in the material world, so we can see them. The seventh dimension/law is actually the core of the universe.

When we listen to Jim Carrey’s words ‘I was no longer a part of the universe, I was the universe’ in the video, this seventh chakra above our head and the seventh dimension that is the core of the universe, can make sense of this.

So when we talk about the ‘who’ that is aware of me thinking, we are not talking about a random someone, but about the true me. I show in the picture beneath what I think this does to our existential or spiritual anatomy.

Let me know what you think! Who do you think it is, that is aware of your thoughts?

xx Coco