What I’m wearing this Spring 2023

Fashion πŸ‘ 

I know it’s only March, but Spring can certainly come quick and hard here in Dallas, TX. So I’m already looking for which trends and styles I want to adopt and wear this season. My style is very different from what it was in The Netherlands (read: it went from classic and dark to girly and more colors) – so I’m always looking for new inspiration. Here are my top picks:

1. Low(er) waist + baggy jeans

I already own my favorite Levi’s jeans in 3 different colors, but in my defense I wear these jeans A LOT. Especially the ripped light jeans, combined with cute girly tops or even blazers. It’s just a very versatile piece that you can dress up or down and that makes sense in spring, as days can be warmer but evenings are still cold (and so are AC’s in Texas, haha). So I’ll definitely wear these again this Spring!

2. Cowboy boots

Even though they can be a little hot, cowboy boots are very much part of the Spring esthetic in Texas. Combined with shorts or a dress, they can be just warm enough to not be too cold in spring, though not to hot thanks to the bare leg combo. However, I would never wear these in Summer, so this is the moment! I already own black leather shorter ones, and am on the lookout for higher suede ones like these from Mango.

3. Hot pink

This trend was already pretty booming last year, but I’m going to cross my fingers that it continues in 2023 because I LOVE the Barbie/hot pink right now! Both high end brands like Chanel as well as more budget brands hopped on this trend and I especially love dresses and accessoires in this color, like this dress is from Mango.

4. Headbands

I’m not sure if this is just nostalgia to a Blair Waldorf era or if I’m actually picking up on something, but headbands are back on my wishlist. I especially love the thicker satin or velvet ones and bejeweled ones are very popular in Dallas at the moment! It’s an easy way to make your look more girly and I always feel closer to royalty when I wear one, haha.

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