Designer-like items on Amazon (FEB 2023)

Fashion πŸ‘ 

We LOVE the class and look of designer items, but we do not always love the price. And we don’t have to, ’cause Amazon often sells very similar items for very UN-similar prices. These are my recommended items for February:

1. Kelly bag lookalike

This classic beauty is a must-have staple and is available in 6 colors. It actually has a similar width as the Mini Kelly 20 and it’s made of vegan leather with faux suede lining. The biggest difference from a real Hermes Kelly bag is the round lock detail and the absence of straps around the flap. Disclaimer: there are not a lot of reviews on this bag yet.


2. Chanel slingback pump lookalike

If we may believe the reviews, these sling-backs are very comfortable. They come in six different color combinations (quilted available too!) in pleather and faux suede with a rubber sole. The shape is very Chanel-like, the only thing that might give you away is of course the missing logo on the heel.


3. Hermes but creative

If Hermes were to step away from their classic elegance just for a day, they might design this bag. Even though this model is not Hermes-like, the (seeming) quality of the leather, colors and golden details remind me a lot of the Birkin and Kelly bags. With lots of compartments, zippers and a shoulder-strap, this could be your day-to-day bag, while being original.


4. Manolo but slingback

Even though Manolo is not famous for his slingbacks, these Hangisi lookalikes can give you that Sex & The City glam. But for a better price of course. Available in 4 different colors (hot pink too!), made of faux suede and are reviewed to be very VERY comfortable – for heels of course.

$37.99 – $49.99 (depends on size and color)

5. Quilted class

I’m always on the lookout for a Chanel-like bag that is not TOO Chanel-like, if you know what I mean. So here’s one solution: different lock, different shape, same vibes. In 12 colors! Fun detail: if you wear the strap crossbody, one of the straps makes a top handle.


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