Tuesdays with Coco

Deep ✨

I’m turning 31 this weekend. And while I know I am still fairly young, I can’t help but fall into the trap of fearing the aging process. So when Mitch Albom talks about Morrie Schwartz’ perspective on aging, my heart makes a little jump.

In a society that is obsessed with youth and despises aging, I always want to remember his words: Why would I envy where younger people are? I’ve already been where they are, I’ve done what they do – and so much more than that! 

Because Morrie already knew what I’m starting to learn. That growing older is a blessing. It doesn’t only add years to your life, but also meaning, valuable lessons, and a lot of wisdom. And within that lies so much more beauty and fulfillment than a tight skin or luscious thick hair can ever bring you. And still, it’s hard to grasp how an old, dying man didn’t even envy his younger questioner one bit. 

Tuesdays with Morrie sure one of those books that has been on my tbr list for a few years now, and probably will be on there much longer. As you may know, I’m not much of a reader (no matter how hard I try to be) and I’m still waiting for the day I grow old and dying enough to grow the patience for it.

But thanks to podcasts (yes I love being a basic bitch millennial), I’ve learned enough about Morrie to be inspired by his last dying days nonetheless. I especially love his words ‘When you get where I am, and you will….’, because it so bluntly tells us what we all know but don’t want to hear: that we are all aging, that we will all die, and that we will all have our very last days one day, whether we see them coming or not.

So I like to try and learn from where he was, because I know I will get there too, and see them coming. Try to cherish the aging process, try to celebrate every year that was not my last. I don’t want to look at younger women for the rest of my life, wishing that I looked more like them.

Society desires youth, but to copy that behavior seems almost insane after listening to Morrie’s last lessons for life. Because when you get where he was, and you will, you will see that youthful looks don’t matter. You’ve already been where they are, and you have done what they do. And so much more! Happy re-birth day to me.

Xx Coco

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