The God that I know

Deep ✨

Yesterday, I went for breakfast with a friend in Dallas. She is a Christian, and we ended up talking about religion, God, and going to church. I explained to her that I would like to go to church, but didn’t see myself actually going, as I am not a Christian – nor plan to be.

I explained to her that I would feel like a fraud going into church, listening to their psalms and preachings and learning about the Bible, all while knowing I don’t 100% embrace the Christian teachings and don’t plan on ever converting.

A non-Christian believer

I do believe in God, but I was raised an atheist, and I don’t like religious teachings or seeing the Bible as the bearer of truth at all. I have never felt the need for religion to intervene in my relationship with God. Jesus and the Bible have nothing to do with God and being a believer to me.

I have the same feelings towards Christianity as I have towards Islam, Hinduism and every other religion. And I have never felt convicted using the word or concept of God while talking about my spiritual worldview and beliefs.

For everyone?

My friend understood where I was coming from, but said: the God that I know doesn’t care whether you feel like a fraud. The church is a place for everyone, really EVERYONE. Or at least it should be. The focus should be on your relationship with God, not on how good of a Christian you are.

I felt very thankful that she didn’t judge me for not being Christian while talking about my belief in God, and that she didn’t say anything to make me think that I should be. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go to church, but never say never I guess?

It is love

My friend made me hopeful that many churches actually practice what she preaches (a little pun intended πŸ˜‰ ) – and that if I ever decide to go to church as a non-Christian, I would be welcome there.

This view of Christianity is very much in line with what one of my (also Christian) philosophy teachers once said: If religion isn’t about tolerance, you have nothing left. If religion can’t be loving and accepting, it is completely empty. If religion isn’t love – it is nothing.

xx Coco

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