How I make life more magical

Deep ✨

Sometimes I feel really out of tune. Like life just passes by carrying no deeper meaning, without any ‘sparkle’ or awesomeness. I feel like I am really utterly human, and the world feels very, well – worldly. But I have found some ways to remind myself of the magic that peeks through the dull & daily. They help reignite that angel-energy all women have, deep down. So, how do we bring it to the surface?

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”

Elsie de Wolfe

Pay attention to the little clues

All throughout the day, little things happen that can remind you of the beauty of being alive. Things that trigger that magical feeling for me are: sunsets/-rises, rainbows, animals looking me in the eye, flower fields, harsh light contrasts in the sky, sunbeams through clouds, seeing 11:11 on my phone, and the lists goes on.

The trick is to really watch and appreciate whatever clue it is you’re getting. Of course, many things I listed are just parts of how nature works, or pure coincidences. But that doesn’t make them less of a miracle. The beauty is not in what we see, but in seeing it at all.

Dress-up & make-up like the goddess you are

Of course, the way we view life is largely influenced by how we see ourselves, and our role in the universe. To get the miracle-vibes right into your day in the morning, dress in a way that makes you feel special. For me, that means using light (but with smooth covered skin), shimmery and girly make-up. I like using pink shades to accentuate my cool tones and blue eyes.

I style and show my long blond hair, and make it as naturally light and shiny as I can. I often wear black, light blue and white clothing, without patterns to go for a classy look that yet reminds me of the universe and sky. I like to wear heels, accentuate my hips and waist for a feminine look. I always go for soft & flowy or smooth & luxury fabrics.

Of course, feeling and looking magical can look really different for you. Maybe you want to stick to a basic, nonchalant look to keep you more grounded. Maybe you want to wear colors that remind you of nature. Whatever it is – dress like the angel that is inside of you. She deserves to be shown.

Buy, use and display a card deck

To help (or force πŸ˜‰ ) those little hints I wrote about in the first paragraph, you can use a card deck. By pulling cards, you basically create those little moments with hidden messages or reminders for yourself, on your timing. I don’t pull cards daily, but whenever I feel the need for learning a magical lesson, I pull a card.

To remind myself of this message throughout the day, I set it as my phone background or display it next to the box. I have even heard about people keeping it next to their bed, or wearing it with them in their bag or pocket to remind themselves that there is a life less ordinary, throughout their day.

One important part of choosing a card deck is that the visuals really appeal to you. If the look of the cards doesn’t spark something that excites you, you will be less likely to think of them as something special and you will probably be less inclined to use them.

Decorate your home, your phone, your everything

To make life literally more beautiful and magical, I decorate what I see often. The background and apps on my iPhone are dreamy, the notion template in which I organise my life are very visually appealing (think of clouds, stars and pastels), and many parts of my home have little ornaments that show me: life is wonderful.

I really like light colors, things that sparkle and everything that reminds me of the sky. So I have clusters of small beautiful things all around my home. For me, these are crystals, candles, moon/star lamps, perfume bottles, soaps and flowers. But I can imagine that for other people plants, wood and water elements work wonders as well.

Another thing that kind of goes hand in hand with all this decorating is to keep your home clean and organised. It’s the same reason you want to eat healthy foods: your body is your temple. Except for your home, this probably is literally the case. So treat it accordingly.

Follow inspiring ‘people’ on social media

One very obvious way to make daily life more magical is to be more selective about who you follow on social media, and to also follow accounts that really spark that light within you and inspire you.

This differs from person to person, and is something you need to research for yourself so I will keep this one short. Some of my favourite magic-like accounts are @lawoflight, @sourcemessages, @flamoonigirl and @caitlinamyarcher. Do with that what you will. πŸ™‚

Listen to sparkling sounds

So, as we’ve been talking about the visual ways to spark some magic into your day, let’s not forget the power of sounds. If you need reminding that you’re special, there’s more between heaven and earth or you just really want some inspiration, listen to sounds that make you feel magical.

This can be podcasts, meditation sounds/music, regular songs that have a certain ‘woo woo’, recorded nature sounds or even a regular sounds like your ticking clock or the sound of the wind.

For me, the song ‘Listen’ by Claire Michelle, the sound of the rings of Saturn (the actual rings, not the band), the binaural golden mean-frequency and singing ice really do the trick. Find your own nostalgic sounds and enjoy whenever you want!

These are my tricks, let me know if you have any that I didn’t mention. Thanks for your support on this blog,

xx Coco

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